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Re: Silvertone amp

11/28/1999 10:40 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Re: Silvertone amp
J. Crow,  
I dove into mine today just to remember what was what. Your trem is not working at all. Its default position is on, footswitch or no. The actual switch jack itself may be shorted; try cleaning it. The 6AU6 is the trem driver. It may be dead or it may not be getting power, since you mention the PT was rusted. Maybe the previous owner thought that speaker holes would give more distortion ala Rocket 88?  
[: )]It's a very clean amp and doesn't really have any overdrive, just bluesy breakup.  
As for black glass 6V6's, I have some JAN RCA's with black glass and they are the best 6V6's ever! As long as it works and does what you want it to, no tube is junk. (It just needs the proper home!) Put 'em on a tester and see what it says. Like I said, I have Sovtek's in mine, like them, and they are the old style ones, not the new 6V6EH's. If you need one and can't find one, I have an old RCA 6AU6A that tests as new that I would trade or sell ya for cheap.  
Psycho (even though this is a guitar amp, it's still me!)