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Re: Silvertone amp

11/28/1999 4:49 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Re: Silvertone amp
I have one and think it sounds pretty sweet as-is. Mine has a Jensen 12" and the tubes were all Sylvania rebranded as Silvertone. FWIW, Sylvania's are more prone to microphonics than other old US stuff, and Sovtek 6v6's actually clean up the sound quite a bit. I'd leave Slyvania's in the preamp and trem, though. Those microphonics really make the trem sound better and the clean tone can use the added life. My amp does not like humbuckers and gets way muddy with them, but feed it single coils and you can get very close to Jimi's clean tone! As for replacing the tubes, if it does have any, experiment with different brands. It's a very simple circuit that really highlights differences in them.  
Not much to it that would need a schem. It's all laid out on the back of its control panel and its easy to see what goes where. If you have any problems finding those tubes just ask the guys here. I personally have all the ones it would need, but do tboy a favor and visit his sponsors(they're tube dealers) first. They should have them all too. Those are very common tubes!  
What kind of speaker is it? Mine is a Jensen, but yours could be something else. Silvertones used to be used as fun 'hack' amps and alot of them have been modded. I'd leave it alone or restore it if it was mine. If you want to play, just build yourself another amp. Those babies are too old and getting too far beween to just go tweaking on.  
Just my 1/50 of a dollar  
Psycho(the one, the only, the insane)>^}

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