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Re: D-word or Trainwreck

11/27/1999 9:21 AM
Gil Ayan
Re: D-word or Trainwreck
Different beasts, IMHO. The Trainwreck shoudl be more raw sounding, and it is more a of nice sounding British vibe type of amp. A Dumble could mean many different things to different people, but my favorite Dumble sounds are probably the Larry Carlton 80s sound. That amp is pretty much a low gain affair, such that you can set it clean. Yes, if you dig in the notes sing and the amp compresses. I feel the "Last Night" CD is probably the best example of what I would consider a great sounding Dumble.  
Then there are the Robben Ford fans (I am one too), who like the more aggressive sound RF gets out of HIS Dumble. It is a pretty unique tone too, so there is another DUmble flavor for you.  
In terms of versatity, the D would get the vote because it can do more than one sound. But, taht may not always be the best choice; to this day, the best companion for my 335 on the neck pickup is my modified Boogie Mark I, and I have a couple of other great sounding amps. Still, the Mark I, one sound and all, is simply magic with the neck humbucker.  

Mook q{In terms of versatity, the D woul... -- 11/29/1999 3:36 PM