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Re: AIMS Amps

11/25/1999 9:30 AM
Re: AIMS Amps
I owned an Aims 120 combo that I used for my  
main gig amp for many years. I loved that thing.  
I bought It new in 1974. It was made by Aims amplifier company, located somewhere in Arizona, and came with a lifetime Gaurentee. Unfortunatly when I needed it , my amp had outlived the company. I finally put it to rest after about ten years of moderate use. An amp tec told me there was distortion in the output stage and that it might need a new output transformer. With what I know now about amps , a new set of 6550's would probably have cured the crossover distortion. Needless to say I took it to the wrong repair guy. If I had a chance to buy it again for $100, I would. One thing though, because of the amps age , It should have had power supply filter caps. $ 30-40 expense.  
How about new power tubes? Can you do those things yourself . I guess I 'm saying price verses expense.

Brad Thanks Tracy, Yeah, I can ... -- 11/25/1999 11:06 PM