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Re: bass speakers

11/17/1999 10:10 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Re: bass speakers
It's not that cheap speakers overheat. It's that they don't move air, and that is very important for bass at volume. Heck, at low volume, my Silvertone combo makes for a decent bass amp. For bass, you simply must move more air.  
The human ear isn't as good down low and we need a 6db or greater intensity above the rest of the sound below 100 Hz or so just to perceive a sound as 'balanced.' That said, try some of those 15" Jensens. They have a great bass response, and as long as you don't push them, will be ok. (That's why old Kustom often cabs buy it. They use too light speakers.)  
Also you have to deal with cab design. The difference in wavelength alone dictates larger excusions with more cabinet support required to damp down the speaker and prevent overexcursion. Remember, low E on a guitar has a wavelength of half of that of low E on a bass. You can't get around that.  
Clipping in a bass amp is very often unnoticable, anyway. When you start rounding off transients, the tone gets smoother and hence more bassy. That is what you guitar guys call "power tube compression effect."  
When an SS amp does that, the odd harmonics act as a psychoacoustic filter and actually make the amp sound less loud. The speakers do heat up, but if you are blowing speakers, it means you didn't have enough power in the first place. That's why bass amps need ungodly power.  
If you want more volume with less power, try the servo route. The folk here have been very kind to pass along what info they have and I have done some research on my own. A servo bass cab rated at 200 watts RMS can produce 114 db at 16 HZ!  
That's my two cents anyway.  

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