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Looking for Vox Schematics

11/17/1999 10:06 AM
Levi S
Looking for Vox Schematics
I'm building my first amp from some parts that I salvaged off of an old organ that a friend of mine was throwing out. Right now I'm trying to take out all the unnessasaries and figure out what needs to be done. I've been kind of following the Fender Vibroverb 6G16 schem as a guide line because it seemed like the best match for the tubes I have (2 6L6gc, 12AX7's, 5U4G).  
I want to use tone controls that are similiar to my vox Viscount's mid range boost channel. It's my understanding that the Buckingham also had the MRB channel so I'm seeking schematics for those amps.  
I also have a few reverb questions. I like the "super" reverb on my Viscount, it can be very noisey when turned up all the way, which I dig, sometimes... Then I saw Craig Anderton's Hot Springs Reverb (double tanks) in a PAiA catalog and was wondering if any one had built it? And if they thought it was all it was cracked up to be, or just crap. If I were to include such a device in my amp, being the little tweaker that I am, I'd probably design the circuit in such a way that I could switch between the "clean" reverb and the "dirty" reverb.  
Blah blah,  
Levi S.