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Power transformer selection

11/15/1999 4:41 AM
Tim C.
Power transformer selection
I respectfully request thoughts on which power transformer I should use on my first 5E3 from scratch. I built a 5E3 into a Champ awhile back but I am doing this one from the ground up. I have a power transformer from a Fisher 101B that used 7591's and also a power transformer from a Penney's/Supro that used 6973'3. Should I use one of those or just order a Deluxe transformer from New Sensor and call it a day. I was trying to avoid cutting the large hole in the chassis.The others are vertical mount. If these are not the best choice then which Hammond would be the best? I would like to be around 400 volts on the plates of the 6V6's.  
Thanks in advance!  
Tim C.

Marc Tim;I vote for the supro tr... -- 11/16/1999 12:29 AM