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Re: Advanced feedback loop questions..

11/8/1999 4:43 PM
Re: Advanced feedback loop questions..
ok.. so negative current feedback is used  
to raise impedance on solid states.. it  
wouldnt be of any real use in tube amps  
because impedance is already high.. Is  
a 16ohm impedance more bass/mid heavy than  
an 8 ohm impedance.. or is there only a  
slight difference in the sound? I also  
tried the 3 cap LFO trick on the actual  
feedback loop instead of around a single  
gain stage and no oscillation -- at least  
none I hear.. what gives? I got lots of  
lowend motorboating when I used put it in  
parallel with one of the preamp stages..  
I also would like to know how to convert  
negative feedback to positive feedback..  
is it a change in polarity or just  
phase? - how would I attempt doing that -  
I remember someone posting about having  
wires backwards on a output tranny  
oh.. is the "Art of Electronics" applied  
directly to tube amps or is it a general  
book on negative fb and audio?  

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