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Trade Secrets & the Internet

11/6/1999 4:00 PM
Trade Secrets & the Internet
What happens to the trade secrets in those expensive boutique amps once the schematic is posted on the 'net? The court opinion in the following case tells you:  
Religious Technology Center v. Lerma, 1995 U.S. Dist. Lexis 17833 (E.D. Va. November 28, 1995):  
The Court cited Religious Technology Centers v. Netcon On-Line Communications, Inc., No. C-95-20091 (N.D. Calif., September 22, 1995) that "posting works to the Internet makes them 'generally known' at least to the relevant persons interested in the new group." Once a trade secret is posted on the Internet, it is effectively part of the public domain, impossible to retrieve. Although the person who originally posted the trade secret on the Internet may be liable for trade secret misappropriation, the person who merely downloads Internet information cannot be liable for trade secret misappropriation because there is no misconduct involved in interacting with Internet.

tboy Good one Jack! Where'dja find it? -- 11/6/1999 8:16 PM