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Vox AC15 vs. AC30 Help! Opinions please!

11/6/1999 1:04 AM
Justin McGillivray
Vox AC15 vs. AC30 Help! Opinions please!
I have a simple question that I thought you guys might be able to help me out with since you were all so cool about giving opinions last time I posted.  
Basically I'm in the position to buy either an AC15 TBX or an AC30 TBX, but I'm torn between which one to get. I have the AC15 with me right now and I love it, but the store found an AC30 that they need to clear out and I can afford it.  
My question is whether I'm better off staying with the AC15 or if I should shell out the extra for the AC30.  
I remember playing an AC30 next to an AC15 in a store once, and the AC30 just sounded better. But it doesn't have a master volume, and I use my amp to record. So the AC15 is much more verstile. Can I get an AC30 to sound as good as the AC15 at low volumes? That's what it comes down to, I think. Or should I get the AC30 and a powerbrake or mod it? Basically I want the best tone possible, and if it costs more, that's life and so it goes. Would an AC30 with a mod or powerbreak sound as good or better than the AC15? I'd rather gig with the AC30, obviously, but recording is very important.  
Thanks a bunch,  

Mook Dude. AC-30 all the way.<... -- 11/6/1999 3:06 AM