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Re: Advanced feedback loop questions..

11/5/1999 7:13 PM
Re: Advanced feedback loop questions..
If someone can please help me I still have  
a few more questions..  
I looked at Aiken's paper on negative feedback  
and was wondering where in the valvestate schematic is the was the "negative current feedback" loop or the  
circuit that creates it.. From what the explanation  
sounds like - it does the opposite of negative  
voltage feedback..  
increases mids and decreases lows and highs instead  
of flattening the mids and accentuating the highs  
and lows...  
And Ken,, whats an LFO? I did what you said and  
it worked fine and the three caps in a row as well.  
Sounds almost exactly like the original feedback  
loop when its closed.. How bout if you take the  
signal back 2 stages instead of one? will it still  
be negative feedback? (sounded like it) thanks for  
the help.. anyone have any other interesting  
mods/hacks with negative feedback?  
(totally different subject) right now I'm  
trying to figure a way to get all my preamp tubes  
an equal supply voltage in my marshall..  

David Manson Anyone wanna take a crack a explain... -- 11/6/1999 8:58 PM