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Re: U.L. Fenders (calling Ken Gilbert)

11/4/1999 3:27 PM
Stephen Conner
Re: U.L. Fenders (calling Ken Gilbert)
Personally, I've never heard a grid block that sounded good, and I take every effort to eliminate it from every stage in an amp.  
So how do you eliminate grid blocking from the overdrive stages? Or don't you like overdrive? I've experimented with diode, MOSFET, etc. clamps to stop the blocking in these stages, and my conclusion is that the amp sounds most dynamic and touchy when you leave it alone. All these additions made it sound like a solid-state fuzzbox (which I suppose it was!) Of course I use the right size of coupling capacitors (and leave the cathode bypass caps out) to stop the blocking leading to farting.  

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