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HELP...My Crate GT-50 Died!

10/20/1999 11:51 AM
Bill Harbour
HELP...My Crate GT-50 Died!
Help...while I was playing through my Crate GT-50 (4 6V6 tubes) I noticed that the volume decreased....then the sound got real farty...then got lower untill the pilot light went out and i noticed a funny smell...not like a burning smell. I pulled the tubes out one by one and noticed a burnt smell on the base of one. I know I'll have to go into the amp but does the above symptoms sound familiar enough to anyone to give me a hint of the problem.  

A.S Are you sure it´s not, just a fuse... -- 10/20/1999 1:15 PM
Gus check/replace the coupling caps to ... -- 10/20/1999 5:27 PM
Doc Could be bad sovtek 6V6s. Shit happ... -- 10/20/1999 7:10 PM