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Re: Me Too! - Re: JCM 2000 schematics

10/17/1999 11:03 PM
Michael Tousek
Re: Me Too! - Re: JCM 2000 schematics
Dave, what kind of problems have you been seeing in the DSL2000's? There was a picture in Guitar Player of the 2000's guts, and it looked pretty complex -- multible PC boards and lots of connectors. It seems like the preamp tubes were mounted to the circuit board; are the power tubes PCB-mounted, too?  
I think the DSL2000's clean tones are good and its distortion tones are really smokin'. What do you think of the distortion tones?  
Michael Tousek  

Dave Stork Yes, everything is PC-mounted. It's... -- 10/18/1999 3:58 PM