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Re: Bench's LC tone control circuit

10/16/1999 5:47 PM
Dave Stork
Re: Bench's LC tone control circuit
A great way to measure inductance accurately is with an impedance bridge, although it takes a little time to learn how to use it. With a good bridge like an old General Radio, you can measure reactance and "nonideal" quantities like dissipation factor with a fine degree of resolution at any frequency you choose, provided you have an external signal generator. The built-in generator usually runs at 1kHz.  
I think L-C tone control circuits are very underrated in the guitar amp world. This is probably because of the slightly higher cost of the inductors and the fact that you need more than a novice's understanding of electronics to design them. (And most guitar amp designers are just copying someone else's work). Fender used some multiband L-C based EQs in some of their '70s and early '80s amps to good effect. The amps sounded like garbage for other reasons, but the EQ sections were very effective and versatile... and all tube.  

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