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Re: Marshall Mods / Trace Allen / etc

10/13/1999 7:16 AM
Geoff Van Brunt
Re: Marshall Mods / Trace Allen / etc
"So you live in or near Ontario Canada (as indicated by your e-mail address)?"
Yep. Thunder Bay, Ontario. Way up in the Great White North. It's about 3 hours from Duluth, Minnesota.  
"In recognition of your trials and tribulations I will personally impose a moratorium on Canadian jokes, at least until I run out of dumb blond jokes..."
Hey, I resemble that. Bring 'em on. I'll just change them to American jokes when I tell my friends. :)  
"P.S. I was just kidding about putting a curse on you [i.e., "Damn that Geoff..."]. Really! I didn't even poke any needles into the voodoo doll of you I had made."
So that was you! I think I'll be visiting the local witch doctor before I head out again. I wonder how much he charges to have a curse removed. As stated, I'm kinda low on cash...  

Doc I vaguely remember seeing a comedia... -- 10/13/1999 7:34 PM