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Re: Bought a Champ! Questions...

10/10/1999 7:00 PM
Michael Tousek
Re: Bought a Champ! Questions...
Yeah, that's for the reissue. I wonder how it would compare to the real thing.  
Last night (Saturday) I got a chance to play the Champ with the little tweaks I had made (.047 and .022uF tone caps, and 4.7 uF bypass cap). There were two other guitar players -- one with a Princeton Reverb and another on acoustic mic'd through the PA -- and drums, plus there was a singer going through the PA. This was in a fairly live-sounding rehearsal room roughly 15' x 20'.  
I put the Champ in a corner and had it on 9 the whole time. It was just loud enough for crunchy rhythm stuff, didn't stand a chance on clean stuff, and was loud enough for leads as long as the other guys weren't too exuberant. I should add that the drummer intentionally didn't hit very hard.  
Flabbin' out didn't seem to be a problem, but it was hard to tell with the other guys playing. I'm still going to have to hear it on its own to really know. Then again, if there's some flab but it sounds good in the band context, who cares? But if I can tweak it and clean up the low end, then why not do it? Such heavy stuff to ponder. I'll probably just recap it, put in a new speaker, and call it done.  
Michael Tousek