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RE: voodoo , TIM C ? Vintage Club mods

10/10/1999 2:19 AM
Steve A.
RE: voodoo , TIM C ? Vintage Club mods
    I'm not sure if Crate uses the same cheap tone caps that Peavey does (tubular ceramic for the treble cap, tiny tan blobs for the bass and mid caps) but just putting in decent caps without changing their value can improve an amp. But with Tim's suggestions I'm sure it'd sound even better. (For a tone stack after a cathode follower, I've been using 0.022uF Type 418P Orange Drops for the bass and mid caps and then wire up a switch to select between 2 or 3 different combinations for the mica treble cap and the slope resistor: 330pF/56k for clean sounds, 720pF/47k for dirty blues sounds and optionally 1010pF/33k for a thick OD sound.)  
    As for the 0.0047uF coupling cap, you might try increasing that a bit (but cut it back if the bass starts to get "farty").  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. There was a great suggestion for these "PCB amps from hell" about a week ago: when you have the board(s) out solder in "flea clip" (used in breadboarding) for all of the components that you might want to experiment with later. (And then add back the components or upgrades by soldering them to the flea clips.) That way you will be able to replace those parts from the component side of the board.