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Layla Champ on 429 Ocean Boulevard (maybe)!

10/8/1999 4:02 AM
Michael Tousek
Layla Champ on 429 Ocean Boulevard (maybe)!
"Key to the Highway" -- gotta love that tone! It's kinda raggedy and the lows definitely flab out, but I like it. When I listen to this album, I just want to keep my Champ bone stock.  
On the Weber page, someone knew one of the engineers on the session, and he testified that it the Layla Champ was indeed a silverface. I kind of agree, mainly because I have a SF champ ;-), but also because it doesn't sound like honking tweed midrange to me.  
If you look at the inside album cover of 429(?) Ocean Boulevard, you can just make out SF Champ sitting by the sofa on the right. Its speculation, but I think it's probably the Layla Champ.  
Michael Tousek

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