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Re: Bought a Champ! Questions...

10/8/1999 3:29 AM
Michael Tousek
Re: Bought a Champ! Questions...
Yeah, Tim, that sounds like a nifty little amp you've cooked up. When you had the cathode-follower in its preamp, did you have it near the tail end of the preamp (like a Marshall) or toward the front? In another amp of mine, I used the standard BF preamp with a cathode-follower driving the tone controls, and I thought it sounded really nice. I don't think I've run into any other amps with this configuration -- usually if there's a cathode-follower, the tone controls will be the last thing before the PI.  
I've changed my Champ's tone caps over to .047uF and .022uF, and I changed the first stage bypass cap to a 4.7uF (as per Bruce's recommendation). I haven't had a chance to crank it up and see what the low end will do, but the clean sound seems to be about same. I'm guessing that the changes will be more noticeable when it's distorted, since it (hopefully) won't be flabbing out on unneeded low frequencies as much. I'll get a chance to play it loud tomorrow (and loud it is -- my ears ring after playing it at max volume!).  
Michael Tousek  
P.S. I've found a couple places that have the Mexican-made Aero brand multi cap; does anyone know where I could get a Mallory like the original?