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Re: Flaming Speakers

10/5/1999 11:53 PM
Re: Flaming Speakers
Hey Don,  
Yep, the voice coil is entirely outside the magnet, the spider's burned and ripped, 1/3 of the cone burned, copper VC wires scorched red - if I had a digital camera I'd send you a photo, it's a blast. Anyway, the way the tale was related to me is that the owner (late teens) was playing it in his mobile home (in a trailer park) and the amp just burst into flames - he grabbed it and flung it onto the back porch. Oh, did I mention that it scorched a saucer sized holed in the grill "clothe" (plastic mesh)?  
So I don't believe that it was Bubba-ized but who can tell. Anyway, I don't know how much the store gave in trade and the store owner ordered a speaker from Crate to fill the hole - I'm going to recommend that he let me go over the amp with a fine tooth comb, I just stuck a meter to the terminals this morning (he also gave me the old speaker and I'm going to get a new basket assy for the magnet and use it for amp tests).  

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