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Bought a Champ! Questions...

10/3/1999 10:49 PM
Michael Tousek
Bought a Champ! Questions...
I just bought a 1968 Champ to go along with my 1968 Bassman, and boy is it a neat little amp! Like all Champs, though, it turns into goo beyond about 6 on the volume knob. I've been thinking about a replacement speaker to help fix this and am leaning towards a Weber. I've heard lots of good things about their 8" alnico; does anyone have an opinion on the ceramic version (C8R?)?  
Also, where can I get a replacement for the multi filter-cap can?  
Finally, I notice that the smallest coupling cap in my Champ is the .02uF to the grid of the 6V6. A lot of Fenders have a .001uF going to the input of the phase inverter. It seems to me that a Champ -- which is the smallest Fender and the least able to handle low frequencies -- might benefit from some low-end rolloff. I'm thinking of trying a .001uF in place of the .02uF to the 6V6's grid. Any thoughts on this?  
Michael Tousek  
P.S. for Champ fans or trivia buffs, here's a little more about my Champ: the chassis code says it was made in May 1968, it has the earliest style of SF grillcloth and has the thin metal trim strip around the grill, it has the thin black lines on the faceplate, and it has an alnico speaker. I paid $200 for it which is a little high, but it was super-clean and I really like the early SF amps.

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