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Re: Lead dress and placement

10/2/1999 8:39 AM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: Lead dress and placement
Have another possible one. Howz about getting more capacitive coupling between the electrodes on the output tubes? Wire them in a way, for instance, so you get more capacitive coupling between the plate and screen. I guess this is basically adding high frequency feedback to reduce the high frequency gain of the output tubes. I haven't thoroughly experimented w/this yet, but it seems to have potential in taming highs and thus reducing "presence squeal"-kind of things, also maybe getting more range from the treble and presence cntrls., etc. I tried wrapping an insulated wire from plate to grid on one of the EL34s in my Marshall as an experiment, after reading the material on curing oscillations in GW's 2nd book, which led me to try twisting the bundle of wires (real tightly) on the pentode/triode sw. that I had installed, and on and on. (I know the basic idea of using a small amount of feedback to cure oscillations is not new, but am I on to something?)  
Hope this was useful,  
Dai Hirokawa

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