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previous: Dai Hirokawa For the "reverse-biased diode(s) f... -- 9/29/1999 10:36 AM View Thread

re: output tranny diode protection mod

9/29/1999 2:28 PM
re: output tranny diode protection mod do what Dai, protect the 15 cent diodes? :>)  
Once they go, they usually stay shorted and if the OT is fused on it's center tap DC feeder, that fuse will probably blow pretty quick.  
The problem is, all the DC voltage (B+) is shunted to ground through the shorted diodes and that means high current through the OT until the center tap fuse blows.  

Dai Hirokawa Thanks for the reply Bruce! I gathe... -- 9/30/1999 3:28 PM