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RE: voodoo , TIM C ? Vintage Club mods

9/24/1999 10:05 AM
RE: voodoo , TIM C ? Vintage Club mods
Tim C , you mentioned here a sometime ago , you have done some mods to a VC series Crate , removing the 750pf cap across the volume pot and changed one of the coupling caps  
on the overdrive channel from .047 to a .0047 .  
I have a couple of questions about that, if you don't mind ?  
1. I have a VC5115 and there is only a 221pf cap across the volume pot on the CLEAN channel , not the 750pf ? , did you meant that one ? What was the effect , brigthness/brittle disappeared , or what ? On the overdrive channel there's no cap across the "gain" or the "level" pot ?  
2. Actually ,which one was the .047 cap on the overdrive channel ,you've changed , first after V1 ,or V2 ? , or what ?  
and really to a .0047 (4.7nF) ? What was the result ?  
IMO the overdrive channel is the one which needs some tweaking , its harsh , farty (I use lot of a bass ,though) , over distorted (of course its an overdrive channel ;-) ,stupid me), but it has an EQ more versatile than on the clean channel, and againts that , have you any suggestions to get it "cleaner" without losing the gain too much ?  
Any info appreciated  

Tim C. Jukka,The Crate "Vi... -- 9/25/1999 1:44 AM