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AMP Schematics/Home brew

8/23/1999 12:08 AM
Levi S.
AMP Schematics/Home brew
does anyone know where i can get amp schematics for simple homebrewn amps? im kinda short on budget and my friend can get me simple parts like caps, resistors, pots... for free so i need to know where to get some schematics so i can buid myself an amp...  
any further comments other that this bbs should be sent to,thanx

R.G. There are amp schematics here on am... -- 8/23/1999 2:49 AM
AMZ There is a very long list of amp sc... -- 8/23/1999 11:51 AM
Doc There are a couple of how-to amp pr... -- 8/23/1999 6:36 PM
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