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Re: sorry for the delay

8/19/1999 2:45 PM
Re: sorry for the delay
I don't think I told you in the e mail I sent you but the layout on the back of the deville schematic was (as I thought) the same layout found on the back of the blues deluxe schematic so that one layout goes for both amps. It looks like the only real difference between the two amps is that the deville has footswitchable reverb and channel select where as the blues deluxe footswitch controls channel switching only.  
I'll find out what's on those other 500 pages and get you scans of any other good tube amps.  

Steve A. jason:  &... -- 8/20/1999 2:06 AM
Doc They use the same board for both of... -- 8/20/1999 4:18 PM