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Re: Time for a new soldering iron - recommendations?

10/10/2000 7:20 PM
Re: Time for a new soldering iron - recommendations?
The butane iron I would not want to use as a primary assembly tool.  
I like it a lot, but it is really for convenience away from the bench when you need heat within seconds without waiting for an electric iron to warm up, or in a situation where you don't want to run an extension cord, like for minor car stereo wiring. For doing the full car thing I still use an extension cord and regular iron.  
Also for a regular iron I just use a 25watt Radio Shack cheapie with the screw-in tips (when I can't find the near exact equivalent even cheaper), it ends up at a very good temperature for point-to-point or eyelets without having to have a temp-controlled station. In use that is, at idle I assume it reaches a bit of overtemperature since the tip oxidizes a bit faster than I would like, but I am always rinsing the tip with molten solder to displace the oxidized stuff. This also tends to dissolve the tips faster than you would want in a production environment. I keep a few tips & irons in various conditions, reserving the new one for delicate work like IC removal.  
Right now my main iron is Wall Lenk Corp. model L25, it fits the Radio Shack tips. IIRC it was brand new in the package with a batch of surplus junk, so may be a decade or two old, these exact ones may not be available any more or maybe not still made in USA like this one. It says Kinston, NC 28501 so that must be where the company is.