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previous: Bruce And Michael tells me using your OT ... -- 10/9/2000 8:40 PM View Thread

Re: M&G p-p boards

10/10/2000 2:56 AM
Re: M&G p-p boards
Dr. Mike is a pretty cool dude for Ruskie!  
Yes he is.. I'm glad he's on our side! ;)  
using your OT in his amp..  
In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I sold my very first tranny to Mike Kach. I don't know how he heard about OEI, but he tracked me down like a dog and I wound up selling him a hand-wound prototype bc I had no production units yet..  
He's really knowledgeable, very particular about stuff and knows tone.. When he liked our OT I felt a bit more at ease about ordering a run of the things!*  
*for anyone contemplating trying to get their spouse to let them buy one more "thing" for their pet amp, imagine trying to convince your significant other to sign off on you ordering up a truck load of trannies! It took some sucking up, lets leave it at that. ;)

Rebel420 q{ imagine trying to convince your ... -- 10/10/2000 5:00 AM