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Re: M&G p-p boards

10/10/2000 2:40 AM
Re: M&G p-p boards
I had my board done with the JTM45 values..which also appear in the earliest 100W heads along with the SB. The only difference (mod?) on mine was I requested 100K grid resistors on the outputs. I can't speak for Mike, but I think you can get the board made either way.  
they seem like a good value. I figure my tiem alone to cut and stake a board would be worth as much as the going price for these boards, so it would be like paying for the time and getting the parts for free  
plus in my case it comes out much better looking.. ;) Seriously, that's about how I figure it too. He's also using that neat board like the old amps used with the holes in it so you can feed the leads up neatly. I like those kinds of details.

Rebel420 q{The only difference (mod?) on min... -- 10/10/2000 5:08 AM