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Re: SE el84 and 6v6/6l6

10/9/2000 7:17 PM
Re: SE el84 and 6v6/6l6
actually i was looking to keep the 6v6 clean. My thinking was that i can get the el84 nice and dirty while keeping the 6v6 clean so that i have the best of both worlds. in your opinion would this sound better than having a clean el84 and dirty 6v6? I plan on driving the two off of the same preamp but could always add a type of volume control to it. With a circuit designed for a el84 will the 6v6 be too damn quiet, how much lower is the drive characteristics of an el84 to a 6v6?

Bruce Well, I've never tried this so I co... -- 10/9/2000 8:37 PM