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M&G p-p boards

10/9/2000 4:35 PM
M&G p-p boards
Even though I've been building amps for a reasonably long time, I'm always looking for ways to do it better and quicker. The eyelet/turret board is usually the part that takes me the longest to build up and I'm hard to please with the end result. I want it to look like Harry Joyce built it. ;) (is that so much to ask??)  
Anyhow, I checked out the new Marshall-style turret board from M&G and it's a *really* well made board.. like the way I'd make them if I was a better builder ;) Big MF resistors, top quality caps and solders so clean and shiny you could comb your hair in them. I wish I could build like this! It's also reasonably compact which should help it fit into lots of different chassis. I'm using mine in a 100W "mule" chassis OEI is going to use for 100W OT testing. Anyhow, I don't like to blatantly advertise my stuff here, (or anyone elses!) but when someone does a really nice job of something I think it's ok to point it out. That said, I think the M&G board is first rate, really well done. Keep it up Mike!

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