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SE el84 and 6v6/6l6

10/9/2000 3:17 AM
SE el84 and 6v6/6l6
Can a SE el84 power amp have the el84 substituted for a 6v6 (diff socket) without any modification to the rest of the circuit or preamp. I have two SE el84 tubes that i would like to run as a SE el84 6v6/6l6 off of the same preamp so i can get a nice mix of tones from the two tube types. Any ideas for a nice single tube preamp to go with it. I was thinking champ preamp or should i go with a spitfire or a pentode ef86 set up like an AC4? I'm looking for a no frills sort of amp. Right now it has a 12ax7 before two el84's each SE. and has inputs to the amp via RCA jacks that i would connect a preamp to.  

gt Check the AX84 P1-Chameleon @AX84 p... -- 10/9/2000 5:36 AM