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What to build with two 7189s two single ended trans

10/5/2000 8:04 PM
What to build with two 7189s two single ended trans
Well like the question goes, what to build with two 7189's running as two single ended amps. It also has a RCA 12ax7 in front, then there's the radio, but i got rid of that section. I have the two 8" speakers that went with it. The PT looks nice and moderately beefy so i can probably add another 12a_7 type tube, any suggestions on what to do with it. Should i keep the power amp the same (from a hi-fi console) and just tack on a fat preamp ala spitfire or champ? BTW i also picked up a 8 inch utah for 0.40$ at the same garage sale. Can i parallel the two tubes and parallel the two SE transformers so that i can use a single speaker?

Jim Jones Hi Eric,I have a si... -- 10/14/2000 2:36 PM