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Re: OEI output transformer, EL34 or 5881? which has a better sound?

9/25/2000 2:41 AM
Re: OEI output transformer, EL34 or 5881? which has a better sound?
Hey Guys.. sorry I missed this one!  
I didn't test at all w/6L6 types bc basically we spent all our time trying to nail the EL34 tone!:)  
I have read of at least one Ampager who reported using the Czech 6L6 with great results. I don't think the 3k4 load is a big problem for them as long as you're not pushing max diss at idle. Basically, the "napkin math" on the load value is that as you reduce it, the plate has a tougher time (increased current) while the screen has an easier time. So if the plate structure of the tube has time to cool (duty cycle) then you're in good shape. Most tubes seem to buy the farm when their screens short to something..  
re: 100W OT. It's in prototype. I'm hoping to go into production before the end of the year, but sometimes it's harder to get the things sounding right quickly than other times.  
If we get lucky it will be ready sooner. :)  
In any case, we won't make it until it's right.

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