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Re: G10 where?!

9/23/2000 2:47 AM
Re: G10 where?!
I just recieved my G10/FR4 in the mail and its light green linen glass epoxy in 12x12 inch sheet. Its a 16th of an inch thick and it looks like the same kinda board I get from the electronics shop without the copper clad. It cost me $6.24 for this sheet. Looks to me like a perfect board for doing my Pc boards with either eyelets or turrets. It really looks like the board Hoffman uses in some of his board kits and its plenty rigid for the job.  
Just in case you want to try this its from mcmaster  
and the part number is 8667-K211 I had ordered it Tuesday and recieved it Friday. Thats good service and the saleswoman that sold it to me was very cool about the info I needed to get this. Mcmasters phone number is (404)346-7000 I hope this helps...  

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