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Re: Tweed Deluxe Clone Trannies (kinda long)

9/22/2000 11:42 PM
Lee M.
Re: Tweed Deluxe Clone Trannies (kinda long)
>Lee, do you like the WeberVST P12Q?  
Yes I do. I started with a Mojo MP12R and it was OK but wanted something different. Got a Weber CA12 and it was too different. Really didn't sound good to me in that circuit. Went to a Mojo/Eminence V30 and liked that but had an offer to trade the CA12 + $10 for a Weber P12Q so I jumped on it and am now happy.  
FYI, my tubes are biased at 12 watts with the cathodes at 22v and I do have a 12AY7 in the first spot. I've never heard a real tweed Deluxe live but I like the way mine sounds.