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Re: Tweed Deluxe Clone Trannies (kinda long)

9/22/2000 5:16 PM
Joe Z.
Re: Tweed Deluxe Clone Trannies (kinda long)
Rebel, just a few questions,  
1) how and why do you split the bias on V1  
2) Can you explain the wiring on the switchable NF, and the other bass tightening goodies.  
Thanks Joe.  
BTW, here are my mods, while we're on the subject:  
1)Changed the coupling caps on both channels to .033  
2) Put a 220pf bright cap across the normal channel. It's now my new bright channel. I use it w/ p-90's or humbuckers, or as a VOX channel with strats and teles.  
3) Changed the tone cap to 560pf.  
4) Line-out jack  
5) Master Volume, of the PI, (thanks Bruce), works fine, but I'm still not sure I need it.  
6) Celestion Blue speaker.  
Failed Mod: Cut Control. Any ideas? Wired it up like an AC30 cut control, but no luck.

Rebel420 q{1) how and why do you split the b... -- 9/22/2000 6:17 PM