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Re: Tweed Deluxe Clone Trannies (kinda long)

9/21/2000 11:43 PM
Lee M.
Re: Tweed Deluxe Clone Trannies (kinda long)
I used the 272FX based on Bruce Collins recommendation. Only a couple $ more than the BX. During my rectifier experiments I got about 410v B+ from a GZ34 with a 122vac line. A 5Y3 got me in the 365-370 range but I had to up the cathode resistor to about 330ohms to get there. I used a New Sensor Deluxe Reverb output tranny which was 8500 ohms. I think it sounds fine but I don't have the real thing to compare it to. Ended up with a Weber P12Q speaker after trying 3 others.  
It's a fun project.  

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