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Re: Trainwreck clones --WHich Schematic?

9/16/2000 4:11 AM
Re: Trainwreck clones --WHich Schematic?
Did you build your wreck into another bassman head?  
I have another bassman head that I might want to mod into something? Bruce suggested a Dumble Overdrive special but Im not sure if I would like the Dumble so Im a bit uncertain about it. I think I have to many project ideas in my head LOL. Anyway I just got thru building a fender 2x12 cabinet clone that I dropped two celestion T75s into it. It sounds fat with the SLO clone. I still have the rack chassis sitting here waiting for that big project but I have been playing on my SLO again after taking the mods out and really digging the tone now. Whats your take on a wreck? Is it good for the rock style? Texas ZZ style?