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General Tweed Bassman Questions

9/15/2000 3:25 AM
Joe Z.
General Tweed Bassman Questions
The Low Power tweed twin output tranny is described on the Victoria site as a massive iron, about twice the size of the standard 5f6a OT.  
I am wondering if it would a good match for an extra clean / big bass 5F6A. It should'nt be a problem as far as I can see, since dropping similar but bigger OT's seem to be standard practice on smaller amps. Any ideas?  
Also, has anyone mated the tweed bassman curcuit w/ a 2x12 cab?  
I'm considering going the head & cab route since buying new combo cabinets and speakers for each new project could become a teeny wee bit expensive over the years. Thanks

Peter S Joe, My Flagship amp, the ... -- 9/15/2000 3:38 AM