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Re: Electrolytic capacitor sound

9/7/2000 5:30 PM
Re: Electrolytic capacitor sound
I was doing some surfing when i came across the link i posted. I Knew i could hear differences in the amps i tried different caps in.I guess the Tech info on that page describes how and why they sound different.I was looking at sites for the marshall Mustard caps to see who might have any when i found this page. It does have some therory and graphs for their findings.And it may be more hi-fi, but still had some good reading info for caps. The page is for Reliable Caps.. the ones they sell on the Marshall page..for about 6 bucks a pop. Peter Told me they were AOW caps.. made in Holland. Someone out there must have a warehouse sitting there with some of these caps. Wondering if anyone has used the MIT caps?  

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