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R.G. I liked this part... I guess others hear differences too

9/7/2000 6:23 AM
R.G. I liked this part... I guess others hear differences too
Sure is alot of info.. here's the paragraph i liked..  
"It is not surprising to us that this type of reaction occurs, since one single polyester or electrolytic (or other polar type) can be heard, and a typical update to an old preamp or amp might replace a dozen or more! If you did nothing more than take an old (stock) Dynaco PA5 preamp and change the capacitors to polypropylenes, you can be literally astounded at the results. All of this is available at moderate cost to anyone who can solder, and you need not send your amp off to the specialty audio shop either! (Capacitor sources are listed in the appendices."  
All the threads on here about the different caps..and the tone or sound change..looks like others hear it too.