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Building a bass amp

9/3/2000 12:11 PM
Jim Jones
Building a bass amp
Hi guys,  
I'm looking for some suggestions as to what circuits I should look to for a bass amp for my brother.  
He's primarily a "basement tinkerer" who may get together occasionally with a drummer and guitarist (combo amp) so I don't think a lot of power is necessary...probably 50-60 watts would be fine.  
I was wondering if the Marshall 1986 schem would be a good place to start...maybe with 6550's?  
I also wonder about some of the old Sunn 50-60 watt schems...are more Baxandall-ish tone stacks better for bass?  
Any suggestions would be greatly apprecited!  

eric i'd go with ampeg designs for bass,... -- 9/4/2000 4:38 AM