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Re: Funky X88R / SLO problem

8/29/2000 11:14 PM
Re: Funky X88R / SLO problem
I also did the same with removing the second cathode follower and wound up getting the sqealing. Since you changed the circuit to the X88 style that can change the gain in the circuit alot. Joe L. could probably inject a Idea on what you could to to pad the gain down to stop the sqealing. After I removed the 2nd cathode follower and had my SLO sqeal I tried padding the the circuit in different areas but that caused tone chages I didnt care for. You might want to consider putting it back as a stock SLO clone, then add another 12AX7 to the chassis and try the Dumblator fx loop to have the more ideal loop after the master volumes. If you want to keep the X88 type of circuit then you will need to probably build the circuit identical to the schem and still add anther preamp tube for the loop. Sorry I couldnt help ya more but what your doing ventures into the experimental stages which in time could produce good results but also can be very time consuming and frusterating too. Good luck :)

Joe L It's very hard to troubleshoot gain... -- 8/30/2000 1:24 AM