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Re: Circuit Carpentry

8/24/2000 9:16 PM
Re: Circuit Carpentry
I did this for a small bread *board*, lined up rows of nails into a small strip of wood on the bench, also can mount a transformer or two. Added a punched aluminum bracket so the tubes would be horizontal about an inch off the bench with the socket tabs over the wood within proximity to the *turrets*. Pots were connected to the circuit with fairly long shielded wire and just kind of laid there on the bench. Hard-wired the stripped end of a guitar cord directly to the circuit input without using a phone plug except on the guitar end.  
Seemed to really work well, especially with the copper nails I found at True Value Hardware, just overgrown tacks but they were pure copper. Nail heads about 1/8 inch diameter, tinned a drop of solder on top of each one, usually just bent leads so the parts would have a little dog-leg and hold by immersing them in the drop on the nail head, not too diffucult to put two or three leads on a nail when needed.  
For real experimental purposes this seemed the most expedient when you want to rapidly audition dozens of components in a position or two without having it take all night.  
It's a circuit, it's a board, it's a circuit board :)  

steveR I'd hate to try to get it UL listed... -- 8/25/2000 6:46 PM