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Schems or Ideas for a mod

8/24/2000 8:37 PM
Dan RamageSchems or Ideas for a mod
I've got an old Ampex amp that has a tube compliment of 1 EF86 12AT7( I think it's a T ) and a pair of 6v6s. I had tinkered around with it for a while and didn't get any very pleasing results. The amp was used to amplify an old real to real tape recorded( have that unit as well ).  
After many failures to finish amp builds I am moving a step back to modding to get my confidence back. Are there any schems floating around that use this or similar tube compliment. I can't recall what the B+ is off hand. There isn't alot of space, no board really used, just components hanging off the tube pins and a small board for the tone control( 1 knob job ).  
Thanks for any help/pointers.