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Re: Protecting Output tranny

8/24/2000 3:10 PM
Re: Protecting Output tranny
Couple of basic things that can help:  
1. Fuse the CT  
2. Build a spark-gap in the plate circuit  
3. Put a 250-ohm 5W resistor across the outputs (or across any of the taps - eg: 0-8 or 0-16 etc)  
This should cover most any disaster short of your using an OT that is out of it's depth WRT current flow in the output circuit. In fact nos 2 & 3 are redundant, but I thought i'd toss 'em both out and you can do what you like.  
Spark gaps are cool. :)

dpcoyle Speedracer,I'm familiar wit... -- 8/25/2000 5:39 PM