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Cloth wire, UL, etc.

8/22/2000 11:35 PM
Cloth wire, UL, etc.
Cloth wire does burn, but really only the heater circuit has the kind of juice to really do it right. I do know if instances where a heater short has toasted the wire (but not torched the amp ever). Heck - resistors smoke too when beaten like that.. not to mention normal plastic wire. These things get really really hot..  
Not sure if there was a famous fire or not, but it is UL code AFAIK and in fact when Mark Baier set out to build his beautiful Vicky's, UL called him (as a new mfr) to see if he wanted to submit to ratings etc and the call quickly ended when he mentioned his cloth covered wire... This is first hand. It's at least one of the reasons that Fender did not use it in any of their custom amps.  
UL is expensive from what I've heard, and really tough to pass. You need to be able to operate the thing in a hurricane while standing in a bathtub full of saline solution.. if someone wants to kill themselves with a piece of gear (or a light bulb for that matter) they'll find a way. that's actually the original version of "murphy's law" (great piece of naval history fromWW-II) it goes "if there's a wrong way to do something, people will find it."  
Now there's something to believe in! ;)  
Cynically yours,  
Speed Racer