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previous: Dave K Mitch,check out the Bogner Brown ch... -- 8/21/2000 5:49 AM View Thread

Re: Soldano X77, Kitty Hawk or Bogner?

8/21/2000 11:11 PM
Re: Soldano X77, Kitty Hawk or Bogner?
looking at the triple giant schem, The brown channel looks like a JCM800 type of circuit with a added gain stage and some extra parts. How does this channel sound compared to the SLO 100 amp? Is the distortion as smooth? Also hows the sharp channel sound? The triple giant looks like it is a good sounding preamp by the layout. Ive only heard a bogner once in a music store and for the minute or two I heard it, it sounded great. I never did ask what amp model it was as I was in a hurry that day.  

Dave K Mitch,The Brown circuit is ... -- 8/22/2000 5:15 AM